Baby, it’s cold outside – Escape this Winter
Baby, it’s cold outside – Escape this Winter

Baby it’s cold outside…

As the thermostats start to be edged upwards, the fire gets lit and the slippers go on, the mind starts to long again for those hot summer days of going to the beach and finishing up with a barbeque. The train of thought usually winds up with a persistent nagging of “I need to get away for a while…”

And so you start searching through travel sites and looking at package deals, trying desperately to find somewhere within the budget to take the family, your partner, or perhaps just yourself, away from monotony of home-bound, office-bound winter blues.

Might I suggest – Norfolk Island?

Cast your mind and those nagging thoughts in this direction. Norfolk Island. Situated in the South Pacific, just a 2-hour flight from Sydney and Brisbane, or 1.5 hours from Auckland. It is not your ‘usual’ tropical paradise, but who wants ‘usual’ these days? While the rest of southern civilisation is flying north for the winter to be laying by crowded pools, being hassled by street sellers or dealing with jet lag, you could be wandering through tranquil sub-tropical rain forests and dining in cosy cafes within hours of leaving your home.

Norfolk Island’s Winter Climate

Throughout June, July, and August, Norfolk Island’s day temperatures sit around 17 – 19ºC with around 80% humidity, most days. Overnight lows don’t get much below 11ºC, usually sitting around 12-14ºC.  It does rain during the winter, but because of the size of the Island, generally the weather passes pretty quickly. It is not unusual to get weeks of beautiful sunny days throughout the winter months.

The water temperature of the ocean rarely gets below 18 degrees, and so for those of you who just need some salt on the skin, you really don’t need a wetsuit.

Rainy Day Fun

So what if you arrive here and you hit a little bit of rainy weather? It can happen, just like it can anytime of the year really. So, perhaps no walks in the park for now, but there is still plenty to do and see that doesn’t involve getting wet.

Here’s a few suggestions:

  1. Check out Fletcher’s Mutiny Cyclorama – Cyclorama is an outstanding 360º painting of the history of Norfolk Island and would be first on my list of things to do on a rainy day. Wander through and then browse Gallery Guava, the stunning art gallery attached to it, and pick up some beautiful pieces to take home with you.
  2. Devonshire tea at Hilli Restaurant – a very cosy café right next door. The perfect place to sit and chatter over a cup of tea and a scone. Or you can schedule your day to have lunch there on the enclosed veranda overlooking the gardens
  3. Go shopping – it may not be your local Westfield shopping centre, but Norfolk Island does have some pretty interesting shops with unique wares that may be of interest to you. If jewellery, shoes, clothes or handcrafted items are on the shopping list then this will definitely keep you busy on a rain day.
  4. Do a tour – there are a number of great tour companies you can book and be transported around the Island for a morning or an afternoon. Personal Tours – Norfolk Island is highly recommended if you would prefer something a little more, well ‘personal’. This tour company is operated by Bounty descendant, biologist and writer: Rick Kleiner. Each tour is tailored to your individual interests or discover new ones. Whether its Norfolk’s colorful history, unique natural history or scenic adventures off the beaten path, this is Norfolk Island just for you.
  5. Get a massage, manicure or a facial – when was the last time you treated yourself in this way? The ultimate winter relaxation and then head on back to your apartment for an afternoon nap, read that book you have been wanting to read for so long, or put your feet up in front of the TV. Why not?! That’s ultimately what some holidays are for aren’t they? To help you relax?
  6. Try yoga – book a private class with one of the local yoga instructors – either Sarah Quintal, or Candida Langman.
  7. Book a trip during an event – Norfolk has at least 1 event every month, including all throughout winter. In June is the Bounty Day celebrations, in August – the Hardy’s Wine Golf Pro-Am competition. There is also a Ballroom Dancing Festival, a Social croquet tournament, Bowls and Archery competitions and more. For more details, go to:


And then, when the sun comes out you can enjoy all the usual amazing outdoor activities that run all year round such as snorkelling, fishing, kayaking, surfing, foodie tours, markets, sunning yourself on the beach, and wandering through the National Parks.

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