A step in his journey

This week, Mokutu played host to a very interesting young American who is travelling the world.  Currently based in Queenstown, New Zealand, Chris Farrell emailed couch-surfers and woofing organisations on Norfolk Island when he decided to visit.  His request was passed on to us and we offered him Mokutu as his Norfolk Island accommodation.  In return, Chris helped to repopulate our images gallery with some fabulous shots of Norfolk and Mokutu.

Chris at Captain Cook Lookout Norfolk Island

Chris at Captain Cook Lookout Norfolk Island

Chris has travelled all over the world on a shoestring.  So what?  He’s young, healthy and has time on his hands.  True, but he also has Asperger’s syndrome so has more challenges than the average traveller.  In fact, when he was just a very small child, his mother was told he would probably never talk or walk.  He resoundingly proved the doctors wrong.  While on Norfolk, he did a radio interview, addressed upper primary students at the school, showed the bartender at local nightspot, the Minibar how to mix Mojitos and met a wide cross-section of the population.

Hayden and Denise at Automotive Service Centre set Chris up with a magnificent bike which he pedalled literally all over the island.  The hilly terrain was no deterrent at all and when he got tired of pedalling, he simply hitched a ride and met more people!

Chris about to board the plane back to New Zealand

Chris started his stay here describing the place as “surreal” because of the juxtaposition of pine trees and palms in the sunny South Pacific.  However, just before he entered the departure lounge he said that Norfolk Island had ‘touched his heart like few other places’ he had visited had.  He couldn’t get over the hospitality and friendship he encountered every day.  This is pretty amazing as his book, “Fearless Journey” which is an account of his travels to all the continents of the world except Antarctica, is full of stories about generous hosts and open-handed hospitality even in the remotest places.

True to his word, Chris took hundreds of photos of Norfolk but the ones he left with Mokutu show how remarkably observant and creative he is.  He has captured the essence of the place so well and we are so proud to have his images adorning our web page and promotional material.

Chris is living proof that all things are possible to those who set their minds to a goal and make things happen for themselves.  Mokutu wishes him happy travels!

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